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At Eve, we take our social responsibility seriously. We collaborate with news organizations to reach out to jobseekers across Trinidad and Tobago to answer their frequently asked questions but also to help bridge the concerns of both the jobseeker and the employers.

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The Silence Dilemma: Why Jobseekers Often Don’t Receive Feedback from Recruitment Agencies

The Silence Dilemma: Why Jobseekers Often Don’t Receive Feedback from Recruitment Agencies In the quest for landing a dream job, job seekers often find themselves sending out countless applications and attending numerous interviews, all in the hope of securing that coveted position. However, one frustrating aspect of this process is the deafening silence that often […]

Positivity Begins With You

We know how difficult it is for everyone at this time with home, work and school. Set your alarm throughout the day to alert you to take 2 minutes to express something positive about you or what you have achieved so far in your day. Do this 2mins break every day to help you better […]

Your Payroll – Frequently Asked Questions

As an employee it is important to understand your payroll. Here are some frequently asked Payroll questions that we received from guests at our latest webinar, Understanding Your Payroll   Should Benefits in kind (BIK) be incorporated in calculating monthly PAYE? Yes. The Income Tax Act states that where a company pays expenses on behalf […]

Overcome your fears, video interviews are here

We understand how nerve wrecking a video interview can be at this time. To help you overcome any anxiety, check out our latest video interview tips today. Watch the video below or download the document for reference. Get ready! Practice makes perfect.

Eve’s Top 11 Tips for your Resume

Overview In 2020, the competition for available jobs will become increasingly difficult due to changes in the economic climate and to prepare yourself to face this challenge, it is crucial that you fulfill the demands of employers who will now have a more refined choice where resumes are concerned. Below are our top eleven tips […]

Interview Tips

Eve’s Interview Tips for 2020: Overview:  Even when you have gone on more interviews than you can count, job interviewing never seems to get any easier. With each job interview, you are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills. It is important  to stay upbeat, enthusiastic and hopeful during the process. Below are a few […]

Employee Recognition & Reward: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.” Here’s an exercise for all employers, managers, and supervisors: Step 1: On a sheet of paper 8.5”x11” or larger, write, type, print, draw or paint the above quote. Step 2: Repeat phrase until memorized. Step 3: Display in a highly visible location. Step […]

How to be More Organised at Work

We are in the final days of January 2019 and many of us are, for the most part, still mindful of and working towards our various new year’s resolutions. Right? One resolution that finds itself on many a list is ‘Get Organised’. There is no denying that this is an absolute must if you want […]

The Work-Life Balancing Act

For better or for worse our fast-paced, hi-tech lifestyle makes it possible to stay connected and work longer hours even while out of the office. This has become the norm, so much so that people find it hard to disconnect even while on vacation. There becomes an expectation to be on call at all times […]

Top 10 Values Employers Look For

There are certain important values that employers consider to be prized and essential for employees to have in order to maintain an efficient, productive workplace with an atmosphere of camaraderie and high morale. Consciously or subconsciously these are the principles that employers look for when hiring and therefore these are characteristics that you should attempt […]

10 Tips To Prepare for a Job Change

So you’ve finally decided — it’s time to move on. Making the decision is a big step and not something to be entered into lightly. Take your time. Do not take any rash actions like immediately submitting your resignation. That is literally the last thing you should do. Preparing to change jobs is a process […]

10 Signs That it’s Time to Change Jobs

Are you are gainfully but unhappily employed? Has your motivation dwindled because you no longer feel challenged? Have your career goals and interests changed and you find yourself moving in a direction you don’t want? If you are not learning, adding value and having fun in your current job you need to ask yourself what […]

Social Media Mistakes Job Seekers Make

In the last decade the internet and social media have changed our lives significantly and revolutionized the employment landscape. A plethora of information – wanted and unwanted – is always available at our fingertips, from information on job vacancies, and an individual’s career history, to the most personal details about your everyday life as oversharing […]

Resume Tips For New Grads

It is no surprise that the number one concern of new graduates entering the job market is their lack of work experience. In our article titled ‘No experience? No Problem!’ we outlined ways that you can surmount the obstacle that a lack of experience may pose by changing perspective or demonstrating the transferability of your […]

Why They Didn’t Hire You

You worked hard on sharpening your resume. It paid off and you got the coveted interview. But that was weeks ago and you’ve just received the news that they selected another candidate. What did you do wrong? You thought it went well and that they liked you but somehow you didn’t make the cut. You’re […]

Job-hunting Tips For New Grads

Congratulations! You have successfully graduated from a secondary or tertiary educational institution. You are qualified, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and the world of work looms ahead. Reality check: your job prospects may not seem so encouraging given the current economic recession which translates into companies cutting costs by reducing headcount and salaries. This in turn leads […]

6 Things Your Resume Must Have

We cannot stress enough the critical importance of creating a professional, powerful resume. Your resume is your primary self-marketing tool and as such it should be given the time and effort necessary to craft a high-quality document that presents your value in the best possible way. It should not be static but a constantly improving […]

5 Common Mistakes Jobseekers Make

Let’s face it. Jobseekers often find themselves in a position of desperation. Particularly in a tough economy when the job market is constricted and jobs are few, jobseekers tend to operate in a mild panic submitting rushed applications for anything and everything without giving sufficient thought to their job-hunting strategy. This lapse can lead to […]

No Experience? No Problem.

It happens all the time, disappointed job seekers who are freshly graduated from secondary school or university as well as those seeking a career change find themselves in a conundrum – how to apply for a job with no experience or experience that appears to have no relevance to the job? It might seem like […]

Avoiding the ‘Overqualified’ Label

We have examined the importance of skilling up and the value of continuous professional development, but what happens when you’ve done everything right and seem to have qualified yourself right out of the job; when your experience and qualifications become a liability? You were certain that you were perfect for the job, that the employer […]

The Importance of ‘Skilling Up’

In a competitive job market it is crucially important to find ways of creating for yourself an advantage over the competition. What makes you special? What do you have that the others do not? Professional development or skilling up can be the differentiator you seek especially in a country like ours where literacy is at […]

Interviewer: “Tell Me About Yourself.”

Admittedly an interview can be a nerve-racking experience. It is normal for even the more confident among us to crumble under the weight of difficult questions in what can be a high-stress situation. Especially this one: the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself.”   A lot of people are unsure of how to answer this question. […]

Ten Interview Hacks

So you got your foot in the door and were selected for an interview on the strength of your resume. Now the real work begins. You have to impress the interviewer not just with your skills, experience and qualifications as stated in your resume but with the overall package that is you. It has happened […]

The Interview: Don’t Be a No-show

It is vitally important to show up for job interviews. After your resume your interview is the first real opportunity you have to present yourself as a desirable potential employee. A no-show can speak volumes about who you are as a person and more importantly who you are as prospective member of the interviewer’s team. […]

Always Late? 8 Tips to be on Time and Stop Blaming the Traffic

For some people punctuality can be a major challenge.  While occasional lateness is understandable in extenuating circumstances, a chronic lack of punctuality can negatively impact your personal relationships, your reputation and even your job and livelihood. Consider what impression people (including employers) get of someone who is habitually late. They think he/she is irresponsible, careless, […]

You’re Not Wearing That Are You?

Are your work wardrobe choices reflecting the qualities that employers are looking for or are they ruining your chances before you have had a chance to prove your capabilities at a job? Your clothing and grooming can say a lot about you. What is your look saying? If you’re not sure, do not take chances […]

6 Resume Dos to Make Yours Stand Out from the Pile

Hiring managers field dozens, sometimes hundreds, of applications for open positions. As a prospective candidate you want to increase your chances of being shortlisted. While we would like to think that our exemplary qualifications and experience speak for themselves, and would make us a shoe-in for the job, if the recruiter is turned off at […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Improving your skills to compete in the job market

You are essentially competing with the best when job hunting and it is increasingly critical that you work towards improving your best self in 2023 to stand above the rest. Here are 4 areas you can work on to improve: Learn a new skill Teams are getting leaner and leaner these days, and that usually […]

5 Seasonal Temp Jobs to consider

Christmas is here and school may be closed. Seasonal temp jobs are a way to earn extra cash and experience. Here are some roles to consider. It’s likely that some companies will be looking for some additional hands on deck to accommodate the increased foot traffic for the season. 5 types of common temp jobs […]

The Waiting Game: What to do after your Interview

You’ve attended your interview and gone through with the registration; now you’re in our database and waiting to see what happens next. Seeing what comes afterward can be frustrating and unpredictable. When job hunting, registering with a recruitment agency is a wise choice, as it allows you to cast a wider net during your search […]

School’s out, so What Next?

From NCSE into CSEC and then finally, with the big jump into CAPE, the constant stream of exams can be stressful. At the end of it all, you might want to take a gap year or two before heading into your tertiary education or training for the next chapter.   Here are some things you […]

Things to consider before meeting with a recruiter

Job hunters can find the prospect of meeting with a recruiter daunting, given the perceived ambiguous nature of the interview. Most recruitment agencies are well-connected to businesses that are eagerly seeking employee and are usually equipped with personnel skilled in offering candidates the personalised attention necessary for gathering the right information. It’s important to put […]

The Growing Prominence of Project Work

“The world is changing,” according to Karen Trim, Operations Manager at Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited. “No more are there brick-and-mortar businesses,” she continued, explaining that global shifts, economic as well as social have given rise to a different business model entirely. These kinds of arrangements support more agile business models which are required to maximise […]

Writing it Right: Building an Appropriate Résumé

An attractive résumé captures a prospective employer’s attention and is the key to getting that foot in the door before you get through the door to the interview. Not too wordy but just expressive enough, not too showy but just mildly complimentary, the mighty résumé can make or break your chance to get that call. […]

Managing Job Hunting Challenges

Trinidad and Tobago is going through a transformational period and as such the uncertainty has led some organizations to place a hiring freeze and to reduce their staff support, whilst others are thriving at new opportunities and meeting new needs in the marketplace. Since January, Eve Anderson Recruitment has experienced an increase of approximately 18% […]

Getting Noticed At Work

I work really hard but I am not being noticed or acknowledged for my work. I think it is keeping me back from moving up the career ladder. How to fix this? You may get overlooked for your efforts because you do such a good job and perhaps it is taken for granted. You may […]

Should I Take A Temp Job?

Yes. Temporary jobs are a good consideration and may better fulfil your lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider: I need experience or a career change If you are unsure of your career, taking a temporary job will give you the experience working in different industries, roles and networks. University students should consider part-time […]

Turnover Is High; Productivity Is Low.

Globally the employee-work relationship is changing and businesses are shifting their focus more on engaging employees in order to retain the best and build the best organisations. Across Trinidad and Tobago businesses are experiencing high turnover and loss of productivity as employees particularly the millennial generation operate in a transparent job market where new positions […]

I Need A Change In My Work Life But I Do Not Know What I Want To Do Next. Where To Start?

We all need change but starting is the hardest thing to do. Once you have recognised that you want something different, you must be committed to make those steps towards the change you want to see. Understandably, you may not know what you want to do, so you must discover what you enjoy doing and […]

I Don’t Seem To Deliver Well At My Interviews. How Can I Improve?

We all have experienced this. You are great at your job and very qualified for the job position but you got cold feet at the interview. It could be the result of anxiety, social awkwardness, loss of energy, stress or all of the above. Take note! It is not easy for employers to find the […]

When Is The Best Time To Start A New Job Search?

There is no time like the present – so as soon as you are ready to start; just do it! Keep in mind though this is not an overnight process. You must give yourself enough time to manage your job search, update your résumé, short list the potential companies and draft cover letters. You should […]

Risking The Brand

Do you consider your workforce the living, physical, representation of your brand? Your clients are likely to first interact with your people before they gain a sense of loyalty to the company’s brand. This means brand establishment, through the development of a strong company culture, is in fact of utmost importance. Some companies are faced […]

Identify Your High Potentials To Best Represent And Drive Your Business

Business owners are often tied up keeping their business running and afloat. As a result, they often hire talent based on operational or technical skills. Increasingly, employers are recognizing that there is more than technical skill required to successfully run their business and take it to the next level. Over recent years, top Fortune 100 […]

Your Résumé Must Show Entrepreneurial Spirit … To Get The Interview

A great résumé tells not just what you do, but it gives the assertion of a good ad. It serves one purpose: to get the interview. It stimulates employers to want to hear the direct benefits they can receive based on what you have delivered in your last position. We often fail to keep track […]

Getting The Right People Across The Caribbean With Eve Anderson

Eve Anderson Recruitment is the first point of contact for UK & European businesses choosing to set up local operations; export to Trinidad and Tobago and deliver short-term projects across the Caribbean. We provide the market information clients need for Trinidad and Tobago and support small businesses and multinationals in Headhunting, General Recruitment, Psychometric Assessments […]