Top 10 Values Employers Look For

There are certain important values that employers consider to be prized and essential for employees to have in order to maintain an efficient, productive workplace with an atmosphere of camaraderie and high morale. Consciously or subconsciously these are the principles that employers look for when hiring and therefore these are characteristics that you should attempt to emulate, cultivate and then exhibit and highlight in an interview.

Developing these 10 ideals and incorporating them into ones character can lead to increased job security since they are the hallmark of a valuable employee who is worth keeping for the long haul. Do you have them?

1. Strong work ethic.

This includes a willingness to work hard and smart (efficiently) with an emphasis on and dedication to producing high quality work. It is doing more than what is expected of you, being accountable, and not using company time for personal activities or pursuits. It also means being willing to do what it takes to get the job done without complaints and maintaining quality work relationships based on respect.

2. Dependability and Responsibility.

We cannot stress enough the importance of punctuality. Keeping your supervisor abreast of changes, your whereabouts and the status of assigned projects displays a high level of accountability and shows you value your job and take your responsibilities seriously.

3. Positive attitude.

Maintaining positivity and enthusiasm even when faced with challenges helps to motivate others, creates goodwill and a pleasant atmosphere to work in. This includes being respectful to everyone at all times.

4. Adaptability.

Being flexible in an ever-changing workplace; being open to change and improvements which allow for increased efficiency; being able to see change in a positive light; being uncomplaining; being able to adapt to the personalities and work habits of co-workers and supervisors and knowing how to accommodate others (which is also crucial to working effectively as a team)

5. Honesty and Integrity.

Good work relationships are built on trust as well as moral and ethical behaviour.

6. Self-Motivation.

Requiring little supervision and direction to get work done; having initiative and being self-directed.

7. Motivated to Grow and Learn.

Interested in keeping up with developments and knowledge in the field. The CEO of UPS once said, “We look for employees who can learn how to learn.”

8. Strong Self-Confidence.

Not afraid to speak up and ask questions, being comfortable with yourself and not feeling the need to impress others; can admit your mistakes and possess a positive outlook thereby being able to inspire others.

9. Professionalism.

This speaks to how you execute your job, how you look, speak, dress, and behave. It includes always being aware of and observing proper etiquette and adhering to the rules and policies of the company. It also means always striving to produce high-quality work, being detail-oriented, enthusiastic and optimistic, responsible and fair. A professional also believes in cooperation and is able to get along with others.

10. Loyalty.

Does not mean staying in one job until retirement but rather making important contributions and being dedicated while there. Aligned values and goals also breeds loyalty.