Typing Services

For over 40 years, Eve Anderson Recruitment has served local businesses in delivering typing services when required by their Board of Directors, Human Resource teams or Project Managers.

For entrepreneurs and academics, typing services are required for their publications, books and reports.

Our minute taking or typing services include:

  • Industrial Relations
  • Human Resource related court cases
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Verbatim Services
  • Board meetings
  • Minute Taking
  • General Typing services for a project

Rates are dependent on

–       Number of pages

–       Appearance fee

–       Number of words per minute

–       Cancellation fee may apply

Contact us for a quote at 627 8233 or recruitment@eaastaff.com

Transcripts are ready 3-5 days later depending on requirements of the client.

Join us!

Palantypists, Short hand typists, Stenographers, verbatim reporters can join our verbatim database. Contact recruitment@eaastaff.com to register for free