Eve Anderson Recruitment has assisted hundreds of jobseekers for 50 years. We understand what businesses are looking for in each industry.

Our Resume Writing Service helps you reflect and identify exactly what impact you made on your past jobs and present it in an accurate and compelling way to your potential employer.

It is a collaborative effort. We work with you to help pull out and analyse your achievements and present a first draft for your review and final edits.

You may be hesitant to pay for this service but an updated professional resume is critical to your success and is essentially an opportunity to get your potential employer’s attention.

If you are interested in resume writing services please email us your last resume at recruitment@eaastaff.com

Here are some items you can send us:
  • Current resume( if possible for you to send via email as well)
  • All your certificates (from O’ levels upwards if you are young professional)
  • All training certificates and professional development programs
  • Any letters of recognition or recommendations both professional and personal
  • Data on any memberships and professional affiliations
  • Any job descriptions from current and previous jobs

We also offer Interview Coaching sessions. This is a one on one consultation on preparing for your interview, tips and guidelines and how best to represent yourself in person and in a video interview. Please email us to request a booking and attached the job description of the role you are applying.

Don’t have a Resume? Here are some basic templates to start: