Staff Coaching
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Eve Anderson Recruitment is here to facilitate thinking and learning for professional advancement. Psychometric assessments in coaching can be the most powerful take-away for people who have never had coaching before.

  • Align talent with business needs to support succession planning
  • Better understand employee’s learning and working style

Easy 1-2-3 step approach:

  1. Take our psychometric assessment
  2. Schedule a one-to-one discussion on the results
  3. Arrange a coaching session to learn from the results

With budgets tight, companies are still investing in coaching to help deliver better results for this business.

  • Better performance
  • Employee engagement
  • Lower burn-out rates
  • Reduced organizational costs such as sickness and turnover
  • Better communication
  • Helps grow skills within the organization
  • Succession plan is rooted in your firm

Our Psychometric Assessments are all online. Your staff can complete the assessment from their office and we can create a package for you to include a coaching session to help them understand the results and advise on their development goals.

To include as part of the recruitment process, our clients select this service in helping select the best fit in the final interview stage.

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