I Need A Change In My Work Life But I Do Not Know What I Want To Do Next. Where To Start?

We all need change but starting is the hardest thing to do. Once you have recognised that you want something different, you must be committed to make those steps towards the change you want to see. Understandably, you may not know what you want to do, so you must discover what you enjoy doing and what you are good at. There could be a big difference between the two.

Discover what you are good at

Update your résumé and then pull it apart. You are great at your job so update your résumé to reflect those successful changes you made for your company. For example:

  • “Successfully managed multiple projects”
  • “Developed and implemented new systems”
  • “Led the analysis and review of accounts”
  • “Deliver great sales presentations resulting in an 40% increase in sales”

You know you can do an excellent job delivering these tasks but you may not necessarily enjoy doing it. Analyse your résumé!

If you are still in university, then you can update your résumé to reflect your achievements, internships and involvement in social clubs. If you are not involved in anything outside of academics – start looking. Getting involved outside of academics is a great way to discover what you are good at, what you like and what you do not want to do. You want to try new things early in your career.

Discover what you enjoy doing

It may not come immediately to you so you have to really reflect on those tasks that are fun to do despite surrounding pressure such as demanding bosses, busy colleagues, other projects and family stress to name a few. Jot down what these tasks are and keep it next to your résumé to compare with what you are good at doing.

To take a step further you should consider taking a psychometric assessment. These assessments are tools that help you further understand your strengths and weaknesses. There are several available online that raises questions on different aspects such as aptitude and personality. You may want to try different assessments to get a holistic view.

Career assessments will provide your top career interests based on your innate qualities, values, instincts and preferences. It describes your personality and details what you are most naturally skilled at in comparison to those which you are least skilled at. Some assessments provide information on what you consider important in your career and what drives you to excel.

Analysing these two areas will help you better search for job roles that fulfill those tasks that you are good at as well as enjoy doing. Good luck in your search and just start today!

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By Christina Bahadoor-Hosein
Candidate Manager, Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited