Managing Job Hunting Challenges

Trinidad and Tobago is going through a transformational period and as such the uncertainty has led some organizations to place a hiring freeze and to reduce their staff support, whilst others are thriving at new opportunities and meeting new needs in the marketplace. Since January, Eve Anderson Recruitment has experienced an increase of approximately 18% in registration over the same period last year. As a result, the company has increased participation with career events to offer guidance to jobseekers and business professionals. The most recent event targeting young professionals was a one to one event hosted by Arthur Lok Jack Graduate Business School entitled, “Navigating Through Turbulent Times”. Attendees received a holistic perspective from a CEO, a Recruitment Agency and a Director from the private sector. These free sessions are vital as they are facilitating career guidance that is desperately needed in our country. The next career event is in Tobago with Arthur Lok Jack on June 4.

We are seeing young people go through their school life with absolutely no idea what they want to do coupled with the challenges of what is available right now in Trinidad and Tobago. We have professionals who feel stuck; want to move forward and need to research and explore their options fully. A job search is a tedious task and harder if you have not done your research. Events like these provide the jump-start needed to understand various perspectives in the marketplace.

Candidate Manager, Eve Anderson Recruitment, Christina Bahadoor-Hosein says, “Job hunting has become a contact sport where you need to reach out and meet people, widen your reach; consider startups and fast growing mid-size companies”. Her presentation, “The Job Hunt is on” gave key points on what companies are looking for in recessionary times. Jobseekers need to clearly define how they created improvements to each company. It is important to ensure that their résumé concisely conveys what they improved in their current and past roles. It is also important to stay at the top of the pile throughout the recruitment process so the résumé needs to be well presented with no errors. We are at a time where employers are extremely selective and focused on how professionals can add value to the company’s revenue or cost saving initiatives. This means that increasingly employees and jobseekers need to ensure their deliverables are focused on these aspects.

In these turbulent times, a laid off employee has to navigate through this period with a clear understanding of the reality of their situation. One key element that is paramount to successfully managing through this transitional period is having the right mind-set. Jobseekers must keep a positive mind-set even though it may look bleak. Mind-set is important at this juncture and it is important that jobseekers be resilient, open to change and to network constantly.

CEO of YTEPP and Arthur Lok Jack Alumni, Mr. Nigel Forgenie delivered a powerful presentation on having the right mindset and how having a great mentor at an early age positively shaped his thinking and outlook on life. His success story is a reflection to everyone that it does not matter where you come from and to always strive for the best even when difficult challenges are in your way. Your success is dependant on your attitude and strength to remain positively focused in everything you do. This is an approach our society can adopt at home, at work, and in our communities.

The ability to accept change and understand that change is inevitable is an important factor in the job search. As the economic landscape is changing so should everyone. It is increasingly important for professionals and graduates to be more marketable and become the person that is indispensable. An employee will add to their repertoire of strengths if they can positively manage change at work.

Director of Human Capital of Unicomer (Trinidad) Limited, Stacy Homer, shared the business perspective as to how best to manage teams in this current economic climate. Her examples highlighted that more now than ever, employees have to show proactive attitudes and think creatively in their roles to help their businesses operate efficiently and effectively during these times. Equally, business leaders must be able to help employees navigate through difficult periods, whether it is through guidance and transitioning to other roles within or elsewhere in the industry.

The event brought about that change is constant, which we already know, but more importantly, that positive change must happen. It requires both employees and employers to work together as best as possible.

Jobseekers must remain resilient at this time and understand that they need to broaden their scope and reach in circulating and applying for several job opportunities. Everyone needs to up his or her game, be resourceful, gain awareness of their weaknesses and determine action plans to address them.

Perhaps the word “recession” is creating negative mind-sets and it is no doubt that Trinidad and Tobago is going through a transformational period. It is an opportunity for professionals and businesses to think outside the box because it is only when we are in this position that we are forced to succeed, create business opportunities and make improvements in areas we thought were not possible.

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The next career fair will be at Tobago’s Career Expo held by Arthur Lok Jack on June 4, Scarborough Library Facilities, 10:00am – 2:00pm.

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By Genelia Lezama
Placement Officer, Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited