Should I Take A Temp Job?

Yes. Temporary jobs are a good consideration and may better fulfil your lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider:

I need experience or a career change

If you are unsure of your career, taking a temporary job will give you the experience working in different industries, roles and networks. University students should consider part-time work to help them gain work experience and hone their skills whilst studying. It is an opportunity to try something new and help build your resume.

I am not entry-level

Not all temporary jobs are entry level. This is where you need to build a relationship with staffing agencies to get the latest news of what new jobs come in regularly. The world of work is changing and given the latest National Budget, employers may be looking for specialised professionals who can offer contract work, interim management and part-time services. Sometimes, you just have to pitch the idea to let them consider the role as a contract position.

I need a job now

Many of us have commitments and just cannot wait on the permanent job. Taking a temporary position would not only get you the compensation you need now but also get your foot in the door with a prospective permanent employer.

I need flexibility

If you have not worked in a long time, considering a part-time job allows you the freedom to be flexible and it gives a sense of control of how you want to spend your life.

If you are a parent, you may feel you still want to be connected to the world of work, share experiences with colleagues, pursue your career and still be with your kids. Taking a part-time job may give you that balance but make sure you are prepared, focused and flexible.

Be mindful of your choices

Do note, unless properly packaged, too many temporary positions on a resume may send negative signals to some companies. So make sure you can clearly convey your job roles on your resume. For example, you had a major life change and that explains short-term positions taken during a certain year or you wanted a career transition. Also find out the process and paperwork should you choose to access a loan or secure credit for hire purchase. These are just some of the areas to look into if you choose this work lifestyle.

Many people specifically choose only temporary and contract positions because they love working on multiple projects and have full control of what they do. So make sure you understand your strengths and what kind of work you enjoy doing.

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By Christina Bahadoor-Hosein
Candidate Manager, Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited