When Is The Best Time To Start A New Job Search?

There is no time like the present – so as soon as you are ready to start; just do it! Keep in mind though this is not an overnight process. You must give yourself enough time to manage your job search, update your résumé, short list the potential companies and draft cover letters. You should also take the time to seek advice in your network and get second opinions. Sometimes we are not sure what we want to do next. Therefore it is important to set aside time to reflect and assess ‘what we are good at’ versus ‘what we enjoy’.

It is also recommended to avoid vacation periods, such as Christmas, as hiring managers may be on vacation and your résumé could either be lost in a pile of emails or stuck in the inbox mail trays. Some people may recommend avoiding the August holiday vacation period but for those who prefer part-time work, this is perhaps the best time to get in the door.

Another point to consider is finding out when the new financial year starts. Sometimes January is the best time, as a new budget rolls around and companies may be hiring. It all depends on your industry. This requires you to be in the know and proactive. Go out there and find out if there are any job openings at the beginning of the year and who to contact. It helps to personally address your cover letters and show how you found out about the position.

It would be silly if we did not also mention to register with recruitment agencies. It is best to find three or four agencies and register your profile with them. Trinidad and Tobago has a very competitive recruitment industry and you want to find the right agency for you. Ask them how many placements they do per week or per month and what type of job opportunities available. In fact, find out what is available now, what roles they are hiring in your industry and how to get started. Agencies receive hundreds of résumés so you have to make sure yours remain at the top of their minds when new positions come in.

Sometimes the best time to start a job search is when you really do not need one because you give yourself more freedom to search, wait, review and select what is best for your career. Most people start looking for a job when they are absolutely frustrated. This could be the worst time to look for a job because your frustration may show in your interview. Assess your current situation and your needs early before you reach this stage. Starting a new job requires an investment of your time and effort. Think about your present role, keep your résumé updated and kick start your search early.

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By Christina Bahadoor-Hosein
Candidate Manager, Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited