Eve Anderson Guyana

Our HR Support Services enables you to gain access to the resources and expertise of an entire HR Department. We offer the most flexible HR and Recruitment solutions to fit your business’ needs in Guyana.


For larger international or local companies with their own established headquartered HR staff, we serve as added support and an extension to your department.

Recruitment Procedures

We support you throughout the selection and hiring process including the option for background checks and assessments.

Recruitment Advertising

We build your job vacancy and advertise the job positions on our job board and our LinkedIn and social profiles.

Staffing Interim Placement

We provide staff for interim management, seasonal and special projects, maternity cover and any absences.

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is a necessary hiring practice to avoid lawsuits and costly hiring mistakes

Staff Training

We conduct staff training in various areas such as customer service training. It’s critical to keep our staff in continuous development

Exit Interviews

We have trained interviewers who conduct objective, independent exit interviews on your behalf and summarises areas for improvement.

HR Templates

Sometimes you just need a template to use and roll out to your staff as soon as possible. We help you with a range of packages that you can adapt and tailor to your company’s needs


We help you integrate new employees or promoted leaders. An orientation program is critical to success, retention and engagement


We develop, design or audit your policies and handbooks and train your managers.

Employee Surveys

We design your staff surveys and provide key insights on results and recommendations to help you improve performance.

Testing Evaluations

Getting it right improves your bottom line in the end. Our assessments can reveal workplace attitudes, skills, behaviour and abilities.

HR Audit Compliance

An HR audit will result in a “road map” to HR effectiveness and compliance – where you are now, where you need to be, and how to get there

Performance Management

We develop your Evaluation/Appraisal Program, the basing systems on job descriptions, the expectations and ratings to help employees’ performance and goals

Job Analysis Descriptions

We will prepare job descriptions that facilitate accurate comparisons of job duties and wage rates, while complying with applicable legislation.

Records Retentions Programs

We can help establish a comprehensive records retention policy that conforms to the applicable laws for your business.

Health and Safety Programs

We design and implement Safety Programs, Quarterly Safety Inspections and develop Safety Incentives

Policy Reviews

We review and update your HR policies in line with changes in employment law to ensure you remain compliant. We support the implementation and communication.

After Care HR Support

Working with us means we are your long-term partners. Our after-care support ensures you meet your company’s needs and your HR compliance needs are met

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