I Don’t Seem To Deliver Well At My Interviews. How Can I Improve?

We all have experienced this. You are great at your job and very qualified for the job position but you got cold feet at the interview. It could be the result of anxiety, social awkwardness, loss of energy, stress or all of the above.

Take note! It is not easy for employers to find the right candidate. They are actually crossing their fingers as well hoping you are the right one. So view the relationship as equal.

Here are 4 key focus areas for better interviews

Self-awareness and take notes

In preparing for an interview, self-awareness is crucial. Look at your resume critically and jot down next to each past role what you did and how you made a difference. If you are a recent graduate, look at all the clubs and group projects you took part in. Reflect on your strengths and equally, your weaknesses. Compare your skills and experience to the job requirements.

Think of three successful stories or challenges that showcased various skills that would be valuable to the potential company. Describe how you effectively managed these three experiences. You can find several articles online for difficult types of interview questions. Take the time to research the company and prepare your answers.

Get comfortable and talk aloud

Get comfortable talking about yourself in front of others. Call on your family and friends to ask you tough questions. For many introverts, this is hard, so practice. For extroverts, it is easy, but you can cross into sounding too full of yourself so manage this well. You want to carry an engaging two-way conversation. Speak clearly, make eye contact and be honest. Good posture is important too.

Relax those nerves

Before the interview you may get some nerves, do what it takes to loosen up – stretch when you get out the car and jumping jacks in the bathroom are two good ideas. Taking your headphones into the reception area is not a good idea though. You want to show you are engaged from the reception area to the interview room.

Dress professionally

Plan what to wear and tone it way down. There is a fine balance to master professional dress and showcasing your personal style. Let your personality speak. Feel free to ask the employer about their culture so you can better understand how to showcase your profession and style when you do land the job.

Take time to work on these four areas and good luck on your next interview!

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By Christina Bahadoor-Hosein
Candidate Manager, Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited