5 Seasonal Temp Jobs to consider

Christmas is here and school may be closed. Seasonal temp jobs are a way to earn extra cash and experience. Here are some roles to consider. It’s likely that some companies will be looking for some additional hands on deck to accommodate the increased foot traffic for the season.

5 types of common temp jobs to consider in the merry month of December.

Administrative Assistants

Filing, registration, data entry and other secretarial tasks are invaluable to an office. Administrative assistants are often in demand as their skills are crucial in keeping a company afloat.

What they do

Knowing how to manage a large daily/weekly influx of emails on various topics will serve you well as an admin assistant. Occasionally, an understanding in accounting, depending on the requirements is also a plus. Knowing how to keep an efficient filing system is also necessary for admin assistant work.

Be sure that your Microsoft Office skills, namely in Word and Excel are on point. Some companies may even require you to make presentations, so knowing how to use PowerPoint can also work in your favour.

What you need

Admin assistants are relied upon quite a lot by their employers, so being dependable is a start when vying for one of these positions.

Good organisational skills, an understanding of time-sensitivity with regard to work and accurate, quick-moving fingers are some of the top assets that can help you land one of these jobs.

Inventory Clerks

With Santa making his way to town later this month, stores should be doing their best to move older stock to make way for newer items and models. Keeping track of shipments and their distribution to outlets is where inventory clerks come in.

What they do

Maintaining records of the store’s stock according to criteria such as quantity, type, material value, merchandise, either manually or using inventory software are some of the tasks required.

Some additional inventory clerk responsibilities include comparing inventories to office records and taking account of sales and production records and of the information on purchase invoices.

What you need

Efficiency and attention to detail are assets that will help you to shine as an inventory clerk.


Similar to the admin assistants, receptionists are also fairly often in demand. The front desk of any company is the first port of call for all visitors, whether clients, prospective employees or service providers.

What they do

A receptionist stands at the beginning of the visitor or caller’s experience, so to have that positive impact and to represent a company well, wearing a smile and maintaining a pleasant demeanour are musts.

Also, speaking clearly is important, especially as you may encounter persons who are not native English speakers.

Receptionists can also be required to keep track of who enters and leaves the building as well as entry and departure times, for security reasons. Keeping files on clients and service providers also fall under the purview of a receptionist, so be sure to have good organisational skills.

Jotting down reminders and keeping track of appointments and missed calls, as well as having a thorough grasp of various employees identities, roles and functions to know where to guide visitors/callers are par for the course with a receptionist job.

What you need

Good listening skills, exemplary verbal expression and remaining calm under pressure are useful qualities for a successful receptionist.

Kitchen Assistants

With restaurants and catering services needing to increase their output and production pace for the season, they may be in search of some extra hands in the kitchen.

What they do

Of course, having qualifications in culinary arts or prior experience in food preparation will be an asset, but as kitchen attendants don’t often have a direct hand in actually preparing the meals themselves, this may not always be necessary.

Making sure that food items and the preparation sites are hygienic and on par with health regulations and sometimes having to clean them; storing and organising, as well as washing, sometimes peeling/cutting ingredients; washing and preparing utensils; cleaning the equipment are all among the required tasks of a kitchen attendant/assistant.

What you need

Good organisational skills, good people skills, a penchant for cleanliness, a passion for customer satisfaction and an interest in food preparation are some qualities that will help you in these types of jobs.

Store Attendants/Store Clerk/Cashier

At Christmastime, malls and outlets of all kinds are usually jam-packed with eager patrons trying to score a deal or to grab that last-minute present for their loved one. Stores often need that extra seasonal support, so they may call for extra troops.

What they do

Keeping an eye on patrons without appearing to follow or hover over them, being thorough in the store clerk’s knowledge of items in stock and exactly where to locate them and restocking depleted products are some of the principal responsibilities of a store clerk.

Maintaining liaisons with other branches (if any) to gain information of products in stock may also be required.

Store clerks often double as cashiers, so knowing how to work the cash register and card machines is yet another useful skill for these types of jobs.

What you need

A pleasant disposition, passion for customer satisfaction and an understanding of how to manage discontented or irate customers are some of the traits desired for a good store attendant.

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