HR Support & Advisory
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As a company grows, so does it’s HR needs. We have a suite of options for businesses of all sizes and we tailor our HR services to meet your organization’s needs.

In light of the latest guidance on tackling coronavirus (COVID-19), we recognise the pressures your business are under and are providing online HR support to help you adapt to remote working, hiring, updating your policies and managing your payroll to help you move your business online.

Our support services mean that you, through the use of a single, part-time HR professional, gain the resources and expertise of an entire HR department.  Our HR Professionals provide services to your business as needed, we design and execute your HR strategy and continue to monitor and guide your program to ensure a smooth flow of work.  We are always available for time-sensitive issues and emergencies.

Whether an SME is concerned with burgeoning overhead costs or a large established corporate wishing to outsource specific functions, Eve Anderson Recruitment can provide these support services.

Our comprehensive suite of HR services include:

Employee Orientation & On-Boarding Programs
Employee & Compensation Surveys
Exit Interview Programs
Interview Panel Subject Matter Experts
Interim Management Solutions
Recruitment Procedures
Staffing and Placement Services
Testing and Evaluations
HR Audit/HR Compliance Assessment
HR Policy/Procedure Review
Job Analysis/Job Descriptions
Off-Boarding Solutions
Performance Management
Pre-Employment Screening
Records Retention Programs
Safety Programs and Safety Consulting
Staffing Solutions (seasonal or projects)
Training & Development

In the life cycle of any company, there comes a moment when expertise is needed from a Human Resources partner – to outsource processes and streamline supplier relationships, to manage career transitions or to develop their top talent to drive the business.

Your business can benefit from outsourcing your HR needs, have access to an expert on a part-time basis or as necessary for your current needs.

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