Background Checks
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Employee Background Checks

Employment background checks are becoming increasingly important as part of your recruitment process. Exercising due diligence is important to ensure you minimise any potential risks that may negatively affect your current employees and business.

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Employment History & Reference Checks
  • Fit-for-Work tests (including basic physical)
  • Drug Tests (4-point & 5-point)
  • UKOOA Medicals for Offshore
  • Executive Medicals
  • Medical Checks

Pre-employment Medical Screenings

Pre-employment medical testing ensures that your working environment is safe and secure with fewer injuries in the workplace.
  • Pre Employment Medicals – We can conduct basic fit to work medicals or extensive fit to work medical based on industry practice.
  • Work Injury Medicals – we can help facilitate the managing of the workplace injury process and provide medicals to test / treat for workplace injury.
  • Fit to Work Medicals – our practitioner can test Fitness to work after workplace injury or extended sick leave.
  • Health Surveillance Medicals – we can help facilitate the testing of employees, based on their workplace exposure, for an allocated time frame e.g. annually or bi annually.
  • Drug Testing – 7 point to 10 point drug testing, random drug testing and alcohol testing done at the client’s location or at the medical facility.
  • UKOOA –  Complete medical for offshore clients.
  • Immigration Medicals – Not only can we help facilitate the work permit process, we also help with providing the medicals associated with that process.
  • Customised Medicals – we can work with our medical practitioners to develop a customized medical to meet our client’s requirements.

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