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At Eve Anderson, we are concerned with much more than just helping you find a job. Preparing you for the work place and helping you develop your career is one of our top priorities. Check out our tips and guidelines below for all sorts of career advice.

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We understand how nerve wrecking a video interview can be at this time. To help you overcome any anxiety, check out our latest video interview tips today. Watch the video below or download the document for reference. Get ready! Practice makes perfect.

Acing Your Interview

Preparing before and following up after an interview are important steps in securing a job, however, it is important to also focus on exactly how we perform during the interview. Knowing what to say and when to say it is integral to ensuring that you are liked and remembered. There are several points to remember […]

Writing A Good Resume

Ensuring that your resume stands out is a top priority when applying for a job. Sometimes, however, you may lose sight of the difference between a resume that stands out because it is impressive and one that stands out because it is badly done. Here are some tips and guidelines on creating a resume that […]

How To Dress For an Interview

One way to help leave a lasting impression is through the way you dress. Often people underestimate the importance of appropriate attire in an interview, however, ensuring that you are appropriately and professionally dressed can go a long way in helping you “seal the deal”! Here are several guidelines to help you on your way […]

Preparing For Your Interview

Interviews can be painstaking and quite stressful if you are not adequately prepared and ready for them. We at EARL understand just how stressful it can be and how much you want to impress your interviewers. The following tips and preparation methods should help minimize that stress and ensure that you have a seamless interview! […]

What To Do After Your Interview

When it comes to interviews, the majority of our focus goes into preparing for the interview and little to no thought is given to what happens after the interview process. There are several “after interview” formalities and activities that play an equally important role in helping you successfully gain employment. Follow Up This is perhaps […]

Workplace Etiquette

Knowing how to operate in the workplace can be a tricky endeavor. It is important that you operate in a professional manner without coming across as too uptight or strict. You must be able to determine where the lines and boundaries are when it comes to personal space and work relations. Here are a couple […]

Time Management In The Workplace

Most people can identify when there is a need to manage their time at work better, however, they usually do not know where to start or what activities to change or alter. The following tips and guidelines can give you a start on effectively organizing and dividing your time. Create a “To-do” List Organizing your […]

Dealing With Change In The Workplace

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” – Heraclitus In order for businesses to progress and continue to grow, they must adapt to the changes around them; both in the industry in which they operate as well as in the world in general. To adapt, businesses must change for themselves as well. This change […]

Planning Your Career

When it comes to careers, we generally have an idea as to where we are currently at and where we would like to end up, however, the transition between these two points is often where we face the most difficulty. Having a career plan can help you not only figure out how to get to […]

How To Deal With Difficult People At Work

No matter where you work it is guaranteed that you will meet people who may be difficult to deal with. Making decisions and completing your tasks may prove to be a burden if you have to collaborate with these individuals. The following tips should help you better engage and get along with difficult co-workers. Understanding […]

How To Navigate Office Politics

You may have heard and felt the negative connotations surrounding the term “Office Politics”. It is often associated with backhanded and untrustworthy behaviours from our co-workers. Knowing how to navigate and deal with office politics is a difficult task and requires you to be both mindful and tactful in your interaction with people in your […]

Everything You Need To Know About Switching Careers

Many people experience dissatisfaction after they have fully delved into the career path they felt they wanted. You may feel unfulfilled from your job tasks and may feel no sense of reward from the work that you complete. This usually indicates that it is time for either a full or partial career change. It is […]

How to Resign Gracefully

People resign for many different reasons. You may have found a better opportunity at another company or may be no longer able to deal with the pressures in your current job. Whatever the reason, the decision to resign is not to be taken lightly. There are several things to consider before you resign to ensure […]