Getting The Right People Across The Caribbean With Eve Anderson

Eve Anderson Recruitment is the first point of contact for UK & European businesses choosing to set up local operations; export to Trinidad and Tobago and deliver short-term projects across the Caribbean. We provide the market information clients need for Trinidad and Tobago and support small businesses and multinationals in Headhunting, General Recruitment, Psychometric Assessments and Human Resource Advisory Services.

Our close partnership with leading business outsourcing provider, Aegis Business Solutions helps with the setting up of local offices and managing the back office operations ( and Eve Anderson recruits and manages local account executives to serve as distribution agents. This Group relationship with its combined local network enables the UK Company to obtain information seamlessly and liaise with one local Group provider so clients continue to focus on their core service or product.

Operating for over 44 years, Eve Anderson’s reputation and knowledge in the local marketplace is invaluable to overseas clients, particularly those investing in Manufacturing and Distribution, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Banking and Finance, Insurance and ICT sectors. We recruit at every level in every sector and understand business across industries. Our long-standing reputation in the market coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the local and regulatory requirements in Trinidad and Tobago is invaluable to foreign investors.

UK businesses wishing to set up strategic partnerships with the Caribbean market to deliver their expertise, export their products or thinking of setting up a local office can call us for advice or email us a query at The five-hour time difference is also advantageous. Our clients are able to send information during their working day in time for the start of the business day in Trinidad so that a response is delivered and waiting for when they return to their office the next morning.

The current business climate in Trinidad and Tobago is showcasing a need for more selective recruitment at executive level and for those at management level, job seekers have to be exceptional because small and medium size businesses are running lean operations and candidates must demonstrate practical experience. The demand for Eve Anderson’s services is increasing as clients are recognising the importance of having the local recruitment company do the necessary screening, conduct background checks and manage payroll. It can be time consuming for foreign investors who may not have the expertise, cultural awareness and knowledge to determine suitable compensation packages for the job position they seek to fulfil. Eve Anderson Recruitment is competitive, delivers excellent client service and our people are personable which is so important to our foreign clients.

We continue to work well with multinationals and franchises and can see this area further developing in Trinidad and Tobago. Some of the relationships that work well for example are our multinational clients and their third party providers who contact Eve Anderson and request technical personnel or field experts to lead a change project across their several branch offices throughout the Caribbean. Another good example is US companies with head offices in Central America requesting Eve Anderson to seek key persons to act as distribution agents to introduce and sell their products across several Caribbean islands and to some extent South America. Our goal is to grow without necessarily having to expand our office locations but to seek strategic alliances with worldwide providers in areas of Contingent Workforce Sourcing and Management, Human Resource Advisory Services, software and systems so that we can continue to deliver world-class services across the Caribbean and eventually the Latin American market.

Foreign investors interested in trade and investment in Trinidad and Tobago can come to us with any question and we can advise them and direct them to the right people. This is a crucial asset when entering new markets for any business.

By Maria Chong Ton
CEO, Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited