Eve Anderson Recruitment continues to support businesses in Guyana

Eve Anderson Recruitment expands to Guyana and continues to push forward, building their brand across the Caribbean and beyond.

After much interest in 2019, the firm started sourcing qualified candidates, conducting training and human resource services across a wide range of industries which are expected to emerge and expand over the coming years.

The unexpected pandemic experience led to delays and lower demand as businesses suffered in Guyana with the worldwide economic fallout. Despite the dilemma, Eve Anderson Recruitment displayed a forward-thinking approach and initiated virtual support for clients there.

Increased demand for recruitment and payroll

CEO, Maria Chong Ton said, “Our business in Guyana shows positive signs. Over the last few months our clients’ demand increased for recruitment and payroll outsourcing. Given the current conditions, we chose to start small and expand as the country grows. Recruitment is the core service for Eve Anderson Recruitment in Guyana.’

50 years in recruitment industry

As a recruiting and training agency celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Eve Anderson Recruitment is excited to partner with the business community in Guyana and be part of the dynamic changes in business, culture and the necessary HR structure to build successful teams and human resource services.

Continued support for Guyana’s people development

Eve Anderson Recruitment is committed to contribute to the evolving development of Guyana. The practices of the company are governed by the local labor laws of Guyana. The company believes that they can provide substantial permanent rewards for Guyana and recognises the importance of providing recruitment and training to local and international companies there.

CEO, Maria Chong Ton shared that the company’s 50 year legacy is one of integrity, professionalism and expertise, tempered by a conservative yet proactive approach to the recruitment process. Eve Anderson Recruitment cares about their candidates and clients, and they only want the best for them. This has been their motto since their founder started the company in 1970.

To set up a meeting for recruitment and advisory support in Guyana, email recruitment@eaastaff.com

Author: Chavel Blanc-Alexander