Eve takes part in first Remote Summer Internship program during pandemic

Meet Chavel Blanc-Alexander who joined in July and August as our Social Media and Marketing Assistant as part of our first joint Remote Internship Program with four other companies led by Caribbean Resourcing Solutions Limited.

Chavel is currently a second-year student at COSTAATT and is pursuing her Associate Degree in Journalism and Public Relations. She then plans to complete her Bachelor’s in Mass Communication. Chavel shared with us her goals and experience with us over the last two months.

Why did you decide to study Mass Communication?  

To be very honest, I did not know which career path I wanted to venture into when I graduated secondary school. The criteria for the Mass Communication degree at the time seemed to fit my personality so I decided to try out the Associate Degree first. Since that leap of faith, I’ve grown to love the field because it’s so diverse. You can tap into almost anything. There are no limitations of what you can be, because communication is all around you. I love the fact that there’s always another option if plan A doesn’t work out.

Why did you decide to apply for the internship?

I decided to apply for the internship because the position seemed intriguing. I didn’t have any work experience in the fieId and I was up for the challenge. Likewise, due to the pandemic, Trinidad and Tobago was on lockdown during summer vacation therefore, I wanted to keep myself occupied.

What has this internship done for you?

This internship has provided a significant amount of knowledge and experience like no other. It was very well structured and organized in a way that the intern was actually doing on the job work and being introduced to the different departments within the position. I’ve never experienced this much in depth learning and exposure on an internship before. I absolutely loved it!

Would you recommend a remote internship program?

I would recommend it especially now during this pandemic. Ideally, it depends on the company. If there are strong communication skills between the intern and the company, then I believe the internship will be successful. With regards to not being in the working environment physically – yes, that will be a disadvantage but you will still build a network with the various departments online.

What career are you interested in pursuing?

I would like to dabble somewhere in the Marketing field for now. Exploring marketing as I journeyed along the internship was an amazing experience. However, my decision may change as I continue to explore the different types of fields within mass communication.

What motivates you to work hard?

Receiving the benefit that comes with it in the long run. “Hard work pays off.” I strongly believe that if you are not challenging yourself, then you are limiting your true potential.

Chavel is very open-minded and has a keen interest in learning new skills. She would like to expand her knowledge base in the art of communication with the intention of mastering it. She describes herself as a social extrovert and is never afraid to accept a challenge. She believes that you are never too young or too old to learn. Her maxim is “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

We wish to thank Chavel for her tremendous support and ideas over the last two months and we are pleased the remote internship program was a positive learning experience for her. Thanks Chavel!