HR Management Dances to a New Beat

Eve Anderson Recruitment Ltd’s CEO Maria Chong Ton attended the one-day conference entitled ‘Business Unusual: Disruptive HR: Leading Your People Through Economic Contraction’ hosted by the Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad & Tobago (HRMATT) at Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain on June 29, 2018.

Speakers at the event covered topics related to organizations’ mandate to adapt to the changing economic times and current recession.  Included in the suggested toolkit were innovation, decisiveness in making bold moves, strategies tailored for the challenging times and a willingness to redesign the organisation to suit current changing needs.

The following quote of an African proverb from one of the speakers beautifully and succinctly describes the key takeaway of the conference:

“When drummers change the beat, dancers change their step.”

(In photo: Maria Chong Ton, CEO, is presented with a door prize.)