Eve Anderson Recruitment launches Lie Detection non-intrusive screening tests

Banking and security firms have used these services for years. Now other industries are coming on board to add this service to their recruitment programs.

Eve Anderson Recruitment launches a new complimentary recruitment service to their portfolio. It’s a next-generation lie detector software that measures slight changes in eye behaviors to detect lies and is a growing request in the recruitment process for many companies globally.

Polygraph and lie detection assessments have been around for decades in the security industry. With recent events and new technologies, it can now be done online in a non-intrusive way for those public and private businesses that rely on confidentiality from staff such as banking or high profile roles that can deal with financial or company data.

How Lie Detection works in recruitment?
• During a test, participants answer True/False questions on a computer. A high speed camera records eye behaviors and movements.
• When the test is finished, responses to questions and eye measurements are uploaded to a web server for analysis and immediate scoring. Participants are categorized as truthful or deceptive.
• No sensors are attached to the participant, who answers True/False questions on a computer.
• Tests take 15 to 30 minutes and results are ready in less than 5 minutes. Test reports show a credibility score and the participants’ responses to test questions
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