#TravelStories – Our Guyana Trade Mission with Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce, Trinidad and Tobago

In a bid to foster cross-border collaboration and explore new business opportunities, the Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce recently orchestrated a pivotal trade mission to Guyana, marking a significant milestone in regional economic partnerships. The mission, comprising 16 esteemed companies from Trinidad and Tobago, embarked on a journey to delve into the burgeoning market of Guyana.

The timing of this trade mission couldn’t be more opportune, as Guyana stands at the cusp of a transformative era with its newfound oil wealth. The delegation, comprised of diverse sectors ranging from construction and manufacturing to services and agriculture, embarked on a series of engagements and networking sessions aimed at forging strategic alliances and exploring avenues for collaboration.

Our Recruitment Specialist, Rosemarie Maharaj joined the Trade Mission and shared her key takeaways,
1. The local businesses welcome Trinidad and Tobago and turn to us for guidance in areas which are new to them and are rapidly increasing.

2. The various Chambers and the local businesses, government officials, and industry stakeholders were very informative and were very willing, open and ready to explore potential partnerships and opportunities for collaboration.

3. Outside of the Energy Sector members of the mission also had successful meetings with utility companies, medical companies, security to name a few, therefore the potential for high growth is present and market research and analysis helps clients capitalize on these opportunities.

4. Like all new ventures there are several risk factors that will need to be taken into consideration such as setting up business in this territory comes with it challenges such as political instability, lots of infrastructure constraints, and reliable skills pool

5. It is important to understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and understanding local customs and etiquette. New clients must work on building rapport and fostering relationships with Guyanese counterparts and take time to explain, teach and motivate.

6. These 2 websites are good sources of information : centrehub.com and guyanainvest.gov.gy

Overall, the Trinidad and Tobago trade mission to Guyana, orchestrated by the Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce, stands as a testament to the power of regional cooperation and collaboration. By bringing together businesses from both nations, the mission has laid the groundwork for fostering enduring partnerships and driving economic growth.

If you are thinking of expanding your services to Guyana and wider Caribbean region, chat with Rosemarie at recruitment@eaastaff.com or +1 868 627 8233