Eve Anderson Conference Room bookings available in July, 2021

Safety affects everyone and at this time your business may be preparing to move your workforce online or to a hybrid model system when lockdown restrictions in Trinidad and Tobago are lifted at the end of May.

Once it is safe to do so, we at Eve Anderson Recruitment will be making our conference room available in July for your ‘Meetings-on-the-go’ so that a few key partners in your business or project managers can meet socially distanced at our office as well as conduct online company meetings to your wider staff, if needed.

It is important to plan in advance how you and your team can continue to operate efficiently in July and what reservations you need to put in place.

This month, you can chat with us about your options and what your needs are for your business. We can customise the frequency of the conference room rental or if it is just a one-off to get you going. All COVID-19 protocols are in place.

Download our full brochure here to view our range of packages and prices

Chat with us at 627 8233 or email us at recruitment@eaastaff.com for a meeting to discuss your needs and budget.


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