Hiring & Interviewing Remotely, Free Business Webinar June 24

Join us next week to our all-access client webinar session, ‘Hiring & Interviewing Remotely’ on 24 June at 10am – 11am to help you prepare getting your business and your team mentally ready in the Caribbean.

This advisory session is free and you can book event here or speak to your key contact at Eve Anderson.

We will be uncovering ideas highlighting that the recruitment process does not have to be disrupted by the new normal, in fact, your business can benefit by using technology to your advantage in the hiring process. 

We recognise the reservations you have of selecting staff and interviewing online and so, our session will also focus on key points that will be beneficial to hiring staff for your business in the Caribbean as and when you need to and managing their payroll online.

We will also share updates on HSE requirements if you are still preparing to open offices. Visit our list of service options here

We will share best practices tailored to Caribbean teams.

Book today and we look forward to meeting you

Any questions, please contact us at recruitment@eaastaff.com