Hiring in Guyana with Eve Anderson Recruitment

Eve Anderson Recruitment have been serving clients in Guyana for many years and established a presence since 2020. We sat down with Head of Operations, Christina Bahadoor-Hosein and Business Development Officer – Guyana, Annalisa Jagmohan to learn about their experience doing business in Guyana.

“An increasing demand from our neighbours to grow our regional footprint led our agency to initiate relationships with clients in Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, St Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Antigua. We have developed solid connections with companies who are impacted by the oil and gas industry and are interested in our recruitment, human resource support, payroll and assessments. Our team monitors the dynamic developments and commits to meeting the increasing demands of the energy sector,” says Christina.

She added, “We continue to support local and international business in the evolution of the country’s general human resource responses to the economic growth and we are focused on providing a one-stop hub in all things staffing related.”

The company remains committed to growing a local database. The recruitment firm independently and sometimes, in collaboration with clients, hosted and continue to host job fairs, reconnect with alumni, local institutions and groups. Talent shortages for key positions represents a major challenge in Guyana. The company has initiated contacts with the Guyanese diaspora in Florida and New York – the largest settlement of Guyanese, to encourage expatriation from North America.

Business Development Officer, Annalisa, who is there on the ground shared, “In addition, we now coach local candidates and support them in resume development, career guidance and resources to help them best present their skills and professional profile. What we have been doing is trying to close the gaps and make them more marketable.”

“Any business interested in entering Guyana should do extensive market research and I encourage external recruitment because you may not be fully au fait with the Guyanese culture and could encounter challenges. We can help you do the research and take you through the steps. Besides it’s always good to know that we are there on the ground” added Annalisa.

If your company is considering doing business in Guyana, Eve Anderson Recruitment is offering consultations to support your needs. Contact Head of Operations, Christina Bahadoor-Hosein at cbhosein@eaastaff.com or +1868 226 9675