YTEPP and Private Sector to Partner for Sustainable Skills Development

On May 9, 2018, Aegis group chairman Ms. Angela Lee Loy was the keynote speaker at the YTEPP business forum entitled ‘Sustainable Skills Development: Pathways for Future Business and Community Success – A National Imperative’ held at the Trinidad Hilton Conference Centre.

Addressing senior business executives from over seventy private sector companies, Ms. Lee Loy stressed the need for a collective effort in tackling barriers to business and national competitiveness. She exhorted the stakeholders in attendance to partner with YTEPP whose  proven track record of successful skills development models provides a platform for the empowerment of individuals and the strengthening of communities.

A successful  partnership, she said, would see private sector players collaborating with YTEPP in developing and investing in programmes to improve the size and quality of the workforce, reinforce positive employee attitudes and increase productivity.